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All NAM FINE JEWELRY pieces are made in Tokyo by Nami Maeda. After a career as a fashion designer in Milan and Tokyo, she wanted to create treasures for women. She studied traditional metal carving and created her own technique inspired by the Japanese tool "tagane" and lace and textiles. 


Nam is a Buddhist term meaning "to rely on God. She is a great admirer of Ayurveda and regularly opens her chakras through yoga and meditation.

Her voracious curiosity is directed toward art, ancient artifacts, and geology, which she sublimates into jewelry by linking them to the forces within nature.

18k Gold

All collections are crafted in recycled 18K gold, lasting color and brilliance.

It is available in 18k yellow gold, like the glow of the moon, and 18k rose gold, a color that blends well with the skin.


These art pieces are beautifully crafted with high jewelry polishing techniques while maintaining an organic and relaxed mood.



Jewelry that fulfills ourselves


"Jewelry is
Something that makes women more attractive and beautiful
Something that stands beside our internal selves
Gives healing, becomes a medium for communication
And turns out to be an unknown expression of ourselves"

                                                      Nami  Maeda

 British Vogue August 2020 issue

 British Vogue
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